New Mexico Climbers Resource and Advocacy Group (NM CRAG) represents climbers
in New Mexico.
We want to protect access to our climbing areas, while improving and preserving them for the future. 


What We Are Doing

Rebuilding the Rad Wall landing at El Rito

Rebuilding the Rad Wall landing at El Rito

NM CRAG and the Access Fund organized a crag improvement project at El Rito on March 4, 2017. Twenty-four volunteers showed up to rebuild the landings at the Rad Wall and installed gabion baskets to decrease erosion. The base of the Rad Wall is now level and more safe for both climbers and belayers...  

Where We Are Headed

Increasing access to the best bouldering in New Mexico

Increasing access to the best bouldering in New Mexico

With the publication of the New Mexico Bouldering guidebook, our state is gaining recognition for its world class bouldering in Roy and the incredible quartzite of the Ortegas. We want to make sure these resources stay open and would like to gain more access to public lands where abutting private property is an issue...

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 NM CRAG funds go to making our areas better through crag improvements and working with climbers and agencies. 
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Latest News

Attention Roy climbers!

As of early February 2019, the Forest Service (FS) has put up several "road closed" signs on the unimproved routes that go to MesteƱo Canyon.

  • These sections have been flagged to indicate where people have deviated from the prescribed route.

  • Please do your best to stay on official routes as much as possible, even if that means staying in ruts.

  • This is a tough season with frequently wet conditions, please limit the number of vehicles using these roads.

The bouldering out in Roy has rapidly expanded in popularity and the FS is already paying close attention to our actions. With the help of the Access Fund, NMCRAG continues to discuss issues such as future restoration of these roads and the impact of human waste at the trailheads.

Climbers need to do their very best in limiting our impacts and showcasing the best behaviors we can. If we continue to be good stewards of this area and support FS efforts, the better we can secure permanent access throughout Roy. Please consider carpooling and minimize back and forth trips from the campground. Leave no trace and if you're going to camp at the Jumbles trailhead then bring some wag bags and pack them out.

Thanks for reading, the future of access in Roy is reliant on us showing the FS we can be good stewards of our climbing areas.